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Photo by Jeff and Rachel Rivera


Tony Susnick is an independent film maker who lives in Louisville, Kentucky. His passion for filmmaking began with a Super 8 camera, projector, and film splicer that he received for his 8th birthday. Although he has moved into the digital age, Susnick has never outgrown the excitement and passion for creating that he experienced as a young boy.

His accomplishments include: instructional films, music videos, marketing materials, freelance editing, digital fx work, etc. In addition, he wrote and directed a successful historical feature length documentary, The Legend of the Reno Brothers, in 2013. 

Susnick recently released John Bunny - Film's First King of Comedy, a documentary about America's first forgotten film star. The DVD also contains four of Bunny's films from the Library of Congress that Susnick restored. 

It is available here:  Order John Bunny on DVD

Tony works in Adobe CC.



© 2022 by Tony Susnick

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